Boundary Setting



Boundary setting is a crucial skill to learn because it forces us to acknowledge that our mental health has to come before toxic people. We have to draw the line when people overstep their boundaries. Depending on the type of relationship one has with a toxic person, the methods of protecting yourself differ. For example setting boundaries with a family member is going to have different methods than just an acquaintance. The purpose of getting rid or setting boundaries with toxic persons allows you take back your power. It gives you complete control on who to invite into your life by asking yourself, “Is this person good for my wellbeing?”.  It is not easy to answer this question because a million different thoughts flood our minds. 

Jill Gottenstrater, psychologist, has an article on her website specifically helping people have healthy boundaries. She provides six steps on how to create healthy boundaries and detailed questions if you’re trying to figure out if your relationship is toxic.



There are numerous ways to draw lines or get rid of toxic people. This video posted below is my favorite example on how to create boundaries.


If you have any questions about boundaries or would like to submit a writing about your personal boundary methods, please email us at:


Lauren Jamie Hall
Founder of The Handle With Care Project
Aspiring mental health counselor

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