Sex Toys: The Basics

Sex Toy Art

The word of sex toys is vast and diverse, but It can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start or what you are looking for. I broke down some very basic info and guidelines based on my experience and research of the sex toy world.

A lot of sex toy companies like to gender their toys, but I think it’s important to focus on the part of the body the toy is best suited for. This makes them more inclusive and less binary. It can be hard to find sex shops that feel more inclusive and body/sex-positive, but I have found a few really great online shops that I’ve listed below. However, shopping for sex toys online can be hard unless you already know what you are looking to purchase. If you have access to one, I recommend going into your local sex toy shop with some friends to be able to see and feel what the toys are like. It will also give you a chance to support a local business! The price point on sex toys varies based on where you are, the brand, the technology, and the materials. Start out on the lower end and experiment before you make an investment.

When shopping for sex toys, the most important thing is to make sure the materials are body safe. The best materials are medical grade silicone, stainless steel, and glass. Anything porous can hold and breed bacteria and STI’s. Rubber can slowly break down and can be toxic. If you ever have a sex toy that has a chemical smell, throw it out!

If you have a vulva and are looking for things to insert, there is a wide range of different style dildos you can explore. Some are more phallic, ranging in skin tone and others are not representative of a human body part at all. Some vibrate, and some are more curved to be able to stimulate your G-Spot. Rabbit vibrators offer internal stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation through an attached external vibrator if you are looking for a more intense orgasm. Dildos can also be used for anal play.

Vibrators are really amazing for clitoral stimulation, but can be used on any body part to create an exciting sensation. They come in various shapes, sizes, speeds, and intensities. Vibrators are definitely something you would benefit from seeing in person before you purchase to make sure they are right for you. Many people with vuvlas enjoy the use of a vibrator in combination with insertion, which makes them great to use with a partner, as well.

Flesh lights are enjoyable if you have a penis. They typically simulate a vaginal or anal like orifice and are usually made from silicone. Penis rings are also enjoyable if you have a penis as they can help keep an erection as well as offer a different sensation.

The anus is something that unites us all, and anal pleasure is something that everyone has the potential to experience. Anal toys such as buttplugs and beads might seem intimidating, but can be fun if you work up to them at your own pace. An anal plug can be inserted and taken out, while beads can be moved in and out for a different type of stimulation. The importance of inserting anything into your butt is to make sure it has a flared base or something external you can use to pull it out. The vagina has a roof, but the anus doesn’t and things can get lost up in there! Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate, so always use lube!

The cleaning process varies based on toy. Always clean them right after use and never use a dirty toy. If using with a partner or if you want to avoid clean up after, try using a condom on the toy. You can use some mild soap and warm water to disinfect all non porous toys. For a deeper clean on non-mechanical toys, you can boil in water for about 8-10 minutes.

List of websites:

Arianna Spiller
Planned Parenthood Employee
Aspiring Sex Educator

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