Understanding Judgmental Thoughts

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Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone” – Alan Watts

The journey towards no judgement of the self lasts a lifetime. It is a continuous process to keep the cycle of self hatred under control. The process of learning to silence negative thoughts always starts with acknowledgement. When we have negative thoughts, we have to accept it is there in the first place. We must acknowledge it, move on and not put anymore time into it. What I mean by acknowledging negative thoughts is that in order to heal from anything, you can not be in denial of what is in front of you. If you are healing from negative self thinking, you must not shove it under the rug in hopes it goes away. Because it will not go away unless you bring it into light. Let yourself see that this is not who you are and know that it will not destroy you. Acknowledge what needs to be fixed and hear the thoughts out. But never believe self destructing words for they are only fear and never speak the truth. 

It is wise to understand and accept the negative thoughts but then replace the thought with a positive one. 

We can not get upset with ourselves if we have negative thoughts about us or others. We have to accept that it is there and replace the negative thought with a positive one, for example, “I hate my anxiety and wish I could be normal….But this is my story and I’m so strong” or “I’m worth nothing compared to those people… But I will heal from this because I know I am worthy for love”. 

This takes the negative thought, acknowledges it and then silences it with a positive. You are not your thoughts. You are strong and deserve mental peace. 

Attached is a worksheet for you to practice replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. 



Lauren Jamie Hall
Founder of The Handle With Care Project
Aspiring mental health counselor

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