Understanding Meditation

F2A98CCD-46A3-425E-805B-4550994AFB98Meditation is letting yourself feel your emotions but being still. It’s about accepting this is how you feel and letting yourself feel it fully. Meditation is letting yourself cry, it’s letting yourself scream but being present. I find that personal meditations benefit a lot more than stereotypical “sit in lotus position and clear your mind”. I find that unique personal meditations work better because they are more true and more intimate.  

We find our personal meditation in what our body needs. Whether a physical activity or creative process, we are expressing a deep part within us that is part of the cure to our mental health. Finding a passion and letting yourself get lost in it is healing. It allows us the opportunity to release and be free in the moment. For example, if you paint to release your emotions or jog, these are unique characteristics that apply to the creative self and therefore meditative. Personal meditation allows us the freedom of expression and release.

They key to any form of meditation is allowance, acceptance and transcendence. Allow yourself the room to express your emotions, accept this is the present moment, and then transcend yourself in a way that is free from judgment. What I mean by transcendence is when you are practicing methods of self love, you are transcending into yourself. You are then understanding your mind and body to its fullest if you let it be so. You transcend into yourself when you let your mind unfold and then embrace with love.

Your mind will be still if you allow it the space to release. Meditation is a releasing state of mind. For example, when we express our emotions in either writing, art etc, we are surrendering them. Surrendering to the emotional build up, we guide ourselves to self care. Surrendering is the most beautiful and rewarding gift we can give ourselves. It takes a weight off our back because we realize we can not carry everything we can’t control. We can only do our best and have no expectations for the future. Surrendering to the moment and knowing that you deserve peace and wellness. Meditation is what you need in the moment, it is guidance to a better connection of the self and forces us to surrender and embrace to the unknown.

Attached is a worksheet to help you find your personal meditation. May your journey of releasing be kind and wholesome.

Meditation Worksheet

Lauren Jamie Hall
Founder of The Handle With Care Project
Aspiring mental health counselor

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