A Perspective From a Targeted Persons

IMG_8134I’ve experienced institutional anti semitism my whole life. I’ve gotten it from various people (examples include friends, parents of friends, complete strangers) and even teachers. I had a teacher in 7th grade let kids cover my notebooks, tests, and hw in swastikas and he lead the class in a chant of “why were the Jews killed during the 4th crusade? Because the Jews killed Christ. C’mon everybody because the Jews killed Christ!” I had a teacher in 10th grade get steaming red mad cursing and yelling when I told him I was missing his class to fast for Yom Kippur. I only tried in 7th to get the teacher fired for it, public school, but to no avail. I think I remember a teacher got fired that year for admitting to his students that he was a gay man. The reason I’m sharing this is because people need to realize things are different now. Yes, our branches of government are full of racist garbage, but the greater perspective on these issues should be positive electricity in the air for us humanists. 70 years ago Nazis were in power across the country, Nazis demonstrated in far greater numbers, and we turned away boatloads of Jewish holocaust refugees knowing they would be murdered. This post is not meant in any way to impede the inclinations of others to demonstrate against the current protests, by acting on your freedoms and beliefs in this country you have made me feel safer and I must thank you. That being said the protection of freedom of speech must be upheld. The Nazis will never win, we simply are the majority and the education/lifestyle we put forward is stronger because it promotes the most binding ideology we as a species own, humanism. To rectify the evils of pre-humanist society we need to do better and acts of violence and silencing are not. What we need as a country is policy, because though libertarian ideologies are appealing philosophically the current state of our human nature requires auditing, which when executed by a higher power that we are equally represented by is becomes just. Make being a racist cop illegal, make being a racist government employee illegal, make politics moneyless, end mass incarceration, but for the sake of our humanity keep racism legal but fight it with words that describe our beautiful ideology with a clarity that both uplifts and forgives. We are not the past and time does not stand still. There is always the possibility for change and everyone’s​ deserving. The question we must come together and answer is what do we want to accomplish as a species.

Jeremy Kern

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