Self Positive Talk

e253aa83c8653741643cbcf502f9ffefGive yourself love through your own words. Choose at least 3 self positive sentences below to say to yourself outloud. Find a safe space to say the sentences you chose. You also can create your own! As you say these to yourself let yourself feel any emotion that comes up.


I am my biggest supporter.

I love you.  

I need you.

I want you.  

I’m sorry you are hurting but you are so strong.

I am worthy of love

I love this body, I love this mind, because it belongs to me.

I am becoming.

I am loved.

I can be healthy at any size.

I am enough.

Body, thank you for carrying me.


Next, answer these questions to further analyze the way self positive talk impacts your life.

  • Have you ever heard of or tried positive self talk before?


  • Was it hard to say these sentences to yourself? If so why ?


  • Do you recall when you started talking negatively about yourself? Or an event that triggered it?


  • How did you feel when you said these sentences outloud?


  • Did you believe yourself? If no, why?


  • How often do you speak positive words about others?



Lauren Jamie Hall
Founder of The Handle With Care Project
Ayurveda Therapist